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Bonaire Island is hosting the ‘Capture Bonaire Photo Contest 2023’ from August 28th until September 24th where any locals and visitors can submit their favorite photo of Bonaire and win great prizes!

The Symphony of Authenticity 

Our quest is to capture the soul of authenticity through the lens. Capture the very essence of Bonaire’s hidden gems, revealing their tales in every frame. Within this photo contest, storytelling takes center stage, as each image becomes a chapter in Bonaire’s story.


1st prize:

2 night stay for two at Captain Don’s Habitat

  • 2 night stay
  • For 2 people
  • Garden view Room
  • Breakfast included

2nd prize:

Boat trip with Fun Trips Bonaire

  • New Luxury Boat
  • Private Boat Charter
  • Cool Box with ice (bring your own drinks)
  • Up to 12 people max
  • Snorkel gear
  • Wi-Fi & music on board
  • 2 hours trip (can extend on own costs)

3rd prize:

Dinner for two at Zara’s Refined Dining Bonaire

Dinner for 2 people at our chefs table on a date of your choice (if the desired date is available).

  • Reception with a cocktail of your choice
  • 6 course chef’s menu
  • Amuse, friandises, coffee
  • Accompanying wine/beverage assortment


Preserving Our Hidden Gem

Imagine a world where travelers can become an Earth ambassador, where tourism and conservation intertwine to create a transformative experience. Where the beauty of an island is safeguarded for future generations. Bonaire is the perfect island to escape to, even if you’re living on the island itself, there is so much to continue to discover.

This is what the island offers, but there is much more

Bonaire offers a unique blend of natural beauty, vibrant culture, and unparalleled tranquility. This hidden gem is also renowned for its breathtaking marine life. The crystal-clear turquoise waters teeming with colorful tropical fish and the vibrant coral gardens. Beyond the water’s edge, Bonaire captivates with its natural wonders. Adventure seekers can explore through the island’s diverse landscapes. Here, you can spot rare species of birds or hike along scenic trails leading to unique coastal cliffs. It’s also in our nature to share our experiences, and so we believed that sharing a traditional meal is the best way to bring families together and make new friends. From snacks to beverages to full meals and desserts you can let your taste buds explore the melting pot of Bonaire.

Bonaire Brand Inspiration

It’s in Our Nature, Hidden Gems, Symphony, Authentically Bonaire, Restored connection to nature, Authentic Culture, New-age Luxury (freedom), Sense of Renewal, Enduring, Adventurous, Focused, Poetic, Protected, Mother Nature and Human Nature, In Harmony Unity, Balanced, Untouched Gem, Over-protected, Locals, Never Captured Before, Untold Stories.

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