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On the waters around Bonaire

An introduction to our water sports

As a small Caribbean island surrounded by crystal clear tropical seas, Bonaire offers as much adventure in and on the water as on land. If you think you love the ocean now, you’ll fall in love all over again under our gentle waves.

Though we are strongly overprotective of Bonaire and our surrounding seas, we need our visitors to help us keep the island pristine. That’s why we require visitors to purchase a Nature Tag of $40 for all water activities.  All funds go to maintain the islands for generations to come.

Aerial view of island coast

Boating and sailing

There’s no more idyllic setting for boating and sailing than the legendary Caribbean sea.

What could be more romantic than following the routes sailed by adventurers and privateers of centuries past? Take to the seas around Bonaire and feel the thrill of crisp white sails as they catch the wind, or listen to the water gently lap the sides of your boat as the setting sun lights up the evening sky. The adventures are endless. Snorkel off the side of your sailboat. Visit Klein Bonaire and picnic on a tropical island. Or enjoy a moonlit dinner on the water. It’s up to you and your imagination.


There’s no better way to explore our tranquil corner of the Caribbean than by kayak. Feel yourself relax as you glide gently over the surface of our calm waters. Both sides of the island offer countless places to explore. On the windward side, you’ll find Lac Bay, a lagoon surrounded by mangrove trees that form stunning natural tunnels and wildlife. But if you’re really in the mood for an adventure, you’ll find operators on the leeward side of the island where you can rent a kayak and visit our own deserted tropical island, Klein Bonaire.

It's In Our Nature
Male and female kayaking


If you’re a fan of kitesurfing, you won’t find a more perfect place to get in some serious time on the water. The trade winds that caress Bonaire also create the ideal conditions for kitesurfing almost every single day of the year. The kitesurfing area is located on the south-west tip of Bonaire and can be found by following the brightly colored kites soaring through the air.

Male preparing to kite surf


For windsurfers the world over, Bonaire is nirvana. Our blustery trade winds and crystal clear waters come together to form one of the most idyllic windsurfing destinations on earth. So it’s no surprise so many award-winning and champion professional windsurfers call Bonaire home.

Both professionals and novices come together at Sorobon, one of Bonaire’s crown jewels. Located on the east side of the island, Sorobon offers a stunning beach within a large protected bay. There you’ll find steady winds, warm shallow waters, and nearly 365 days of warm sunshine, making Sorobon an ideal windsurfing destination recognized the world over.

At Sorobon, you can get close to our windsurfing professionals and see them in action, whether practicing or competing in one of the many international competitions held on the island every year. Even better, you can learn from them too, since many also teach classes for children and adults at all levels.

When you’re done for the day, food, refreshments, and tropical cocktails await.

Man sanding surfboard in beach hut
Male standing on kite surfing board
Van with surfboard on top
Kite board in water


What kind of Caribbean island would we be if we didn’t offer world-class sport fishing? On Bonaire, you’ll find numerous fishing boat operators offering sport fishing charters.

Woman sitting on rock looking at ocean


Because our spectacular reefs are so close to the shoreline, you won’t have to commit to SCUBA diving to explore them. Snorkeling offers a chance to experience the world under our seas close to the beach and in just a few meters. There you’ll spot turtles, rays, tropical fish and even seahorses.

There are snorkel sites all around the island. You can inquire with the many snorkel operators for the best sites, or simply follow the yellow roadside stones along the coast marking each site. The stones bear the name of each snorkel site and mark the most convenient place to enter the water.

And so much more

When you live on a Caribbean island, the seas are always calling. That’s one reason Bonaire offers so many activities you can enjoy on the water, from wake boarding to waterskiing, tube riding and much more. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced boarder, the seas around Bonaire await.

You’ll find many operators offering a variety of water sports opportunities.

The adventure awaits

Heading out on the water