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Tropical Sand Between Your Toes

Visiting the Beaches of Bonaire

With over 22 tropical beaches on Bonaire and Klein Bonaire, you’re sure to find your own personal paradise. Leave the world and your cares behind as you stroll the soft, cool sand and head out to explore the reefs just past the breakers.

You’ll find some beaches covered in soft, bright-white sand, while others have more crushed shells and corals, making the sand darker and more coarse. That’s what happens when you have healthy, thriving reefs right offshore.

And keeping our reefs healthy means keeping our beaches clean. So, we always take trash with us and wear eco-friendly sunscreen. It also means leaving shells where they are, since they provide shelter for hermit crabs and other creatures. Joining our annual beach clean ups is a great way to give back and get to know our friendly people.

You can find your idyllic stretch of sand by following a Bonaire island map to the bright-yellow stone markers you’ll find along the coastal roads.

Beach surrounded by rocks

Your Place in the Sun

Explore the Beaches of Bonaire

Woman sitting on rock looking at ocean

Finding a Piece of Paradise

Your Guide to the Beaches of Bonaire.

Map of Bonaire