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The Bonaire Bond

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The Bonaire Bond

If you are visiting our island we know you understand and respect our oceans, people, land and ethos.

By taking this pledge you become an integral part of maintaining our bond to the environment, our unique identity, and each other.

Once you take the pledge, help us spread the word about the Bonaire Bond with shareable assets for your social media and more.

Male swimming underwater with fish

I pledge to be mindful of the ocean and how I treat it to keep Bonaire blue.

Connecting man and nature is part of who we are, and sometimes this proves tough welcoming visitors near and far. Nothing makes us happier than opening our arms to you, but as you enjoy our shores remember that we are Blue.

As the first Blue Destination in the world we are committed to the sustainable use of ocean resources, and your respect for our national parks (including the Marine Park that surrounds our entire coastline) are key to maintaining this part of our livelihood. It’s why all visitors are required to purchase a nature tag that goes directly to help conserve everything from our seagrass beds to our beaches. Our nature parks are managed and maintained almost completely with funding and support from our visitors.

Keeping a distance from marine life and utilizing reef-friendly, biodegradable sunscreen are just two easy elements that can move this cause forward but check out a full list of rules and regulations here.

Click here to pay for your nature tag.

Find Blue Certified companies and organizations on island.

Portrait of two flamingos

I pledge to be courteous to the wildlife and capture photos, not animals.

Donkey and goats run wild island wide, and our gorgeous pink flamingos take it all in stride. They are happy you are here and gladly pose for the perfect shot, But we ask to keep your distance …they aren’t looking to be caught.

Please commit to not feeding, touching, or harassing the wildlife – for their safety and your own. As tempting as it may be, please don’t approach them, just admire from a safe distance while watching them from afar. Playing loud music can even disturb their peaceful habitats. Watch out for yellow rocks marking protected areas and while you won’t see traffic lights on the island, you may see animal traffic, so please keep an eye out and give them the right of way on the road! Find more of what to do and not to do here.

Learn more about our species and their precious ecosystems here.

Aerial view of island

I pledge to be eco-conscious skip the plastic and to drink the water.

From the ocean to the tap, you’ll see it runs clear and clean. Our water here is perfect, you’ll find that it’s pristine. Pack your water bottle, one from home or on the go, just turn on the faucet, open up and let it flow.

Bonaire produces its own drinking water by distilling and purifying its seawater. Avoid single use plastic water bottles if you can but if you must, reuse and don’t forget to remove the plastic label. Visitors can safely fill reusable bottles with Bonaire’s water, which meets the highest quality standards of the World Health Organization, straight from the tap. Trust us, you’re going to need it here so we recommend you carry water with you at all times too.

Learn about the Beyond Plastic E-Learning program.

Aerial view of salt pans

I pledge to be safe, careful, tread lightly and leave no trace

We know our landscapes and island colors pop, but don’t wander off path or endanger yourself for that selfie, full stop. Don’t leave any waste behind nor take anything that isn’t yours and watch out for big waves, our ocean sometimes roars.

Please leave Bonaire as you found it and take heed when venturing through our natural spaces. Clean up after yourself and do not take anything from our habitats that doesn’t belong to you, including cacti or coral (dead or alive). Be careful where you step, it could be somebody’s home, or may even be your last. Our cliffs are steep and craggy, our waves powerful and fast, and our flora pointy. Remember, Bonaire is just one big piece of coral, so it’s as precious above water as it is below.

More information on limits here.

Desert road with mountain view

I pledge to respect the home and culture of the local community as if they were my own family and always be a friend.

Support our local businesses and community if you can. Remember that Bonaire is also our home, so our livelihood goes hand in hand. Do take a moment to learn about our diverse culture during your stay But don’t forget to be kind and always be a friend – afterall it is the island way.

While tourism is an important part of our economy, so too are our people, culture and surroundings. We ask that you treat all of these things with respect during your visit, while making and embracing new friends and experiences. As much as you are a visitor, you are a part of our same community so we encourage you to understand and be considerate of our rich and diverse heritage as the people are an integral part of what makes Bonaire the beautiful place that is. Let’s keep it that way.

The Coral Campaign

The Bonaire Bond is designed to serve as a reminder of how critical sustainable tourism is to the livelihood of its local community and to take it a step further, the island will reinvest in its conservation efforts by adopting a coral tree through the Reef Renewal Bonaire foundation on behalf of visitors that commit to this cause with their signature in 2024. These coral trees nurture over 100 pieces of coral each, so the donation goes directly back into restoring Bonaire’s reefs – beloved by the exquisite marine life the island is known for, as well as visitors and locals alike.

Sign The Bonaire Bond

Sign The Bonaire Bond by filling out your details below. Tourism Corporation Bonaire will collect this information for the sole purpose of The Bonaire Bond.

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Bonaire Bond
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