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Everything Under the Sun

Bonaire Experiences

No matter your favorite activity, you’ll find it on Bonaire. From diving into our warm tropical seas to exploring every inch of our natural landscape to unforgettable meals, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for right here.

Dive In!

Snorkel or dive our world famous tropical reefs and more.

Man floating in the water wearing a snorkel
Man snorkeling and diving underwater
Man jumping into the water wearing scuba diving gear
Underwater shot of barnacle reef

On the Water

Take to the water for windsurfing, kayaking, kitesurfing and more.

It's In Our Nature
Man stand-up paddle boarding in the water

Nature Calls

Reconnect with the natural world on the island and in the surrounding seas.

Woman standing on a tree branch on the shore

Take in the Sights

Whether you seek natural wonders or a secluded, romantic beach, you’ll find it on Bonaire.

Mural in the water on the beach
Woman and man hiking up a hill

Surf's Up!

Sun, sand and surf come together perfectly on Bonaire’s beaches.

It's In Our Nature
Crystal clear water washing up on the beach

Bring Your Appetite

Enjoy our international cuisine, with a decidedly Caribbean twist.

Soda water with pomegranate seeds
Grilled fish sandwich
Vegetable bowl with fresh fish
Gin and tonic drink

Venture Out With a Seasoned Guide

Tour operators can help you find exactly the place and activity you’ll never forget.

Man waxing a surfboard