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Women standing in ocean water surrounded by beach rocks

Bon Biní na Boneiru

The Island of Bonaire

It’s In Our Nature

Woman walking alongside ocean view


to Paradise

Whether you’re looking to explore our vibrant reefs that teem with tropical fish, find a quiet beach to call your own, or indulge in our unforgettable cuisine, it all starts right here.

Your Home

Away from Home

Whether you prefer a hotel, resort, private villa, boutique hotel, B&B, or even an apartment, you’re sure to find a place that’s perfect for you.

It's In Our Nature
Hotel cabanas alongside beach

Bonaire Activities

Experience the Unseen

Diver jumping into ocean from boat

Dive in!

Bonaire offers untouched dive sites that are among the last truly unspoiled places on earth. Discover over 85 dive sites beneath our turquoise seas, where you'll find thriving reefs teeming with more than 350 species of fish and 57 species of coral.

Abandoned building on beach

Take in the Sights

Whether you seek natural wonders or a secluded, romantic beach, Bonaire has everything you're looking for. And our seasoned local guides can help make it all easier to find.

Women standing in ocean water surrounded by beach rocks

Finding the Perfect Beach

Sun, sand and surf come together perfectly on Bonaire's beaches. With over 22 tropical beaches on Bonaire and Klein Bonaire, you're sure to find your own personal paradise.

Man paddleboarding on water

Take to the Waves

Bonaire offers as much adventure in and on the water as on land. If you think you love the ocean now, you'll fall in love all over again under our gentle waves.

Group of people in cave

Your Eco Adventure Awaits

No matter your favorite outdoor activity, you'll enjoy it even more on Bonaire. Blessed with sunshine and warm trade winds nearly every day of the year, we naturally spend a great deal of time outside connecting with nature.

Visitor Entry Tax

Getting Here

Visitors to Bonaire are required to pay a tourist entry tax of $75 per person, per visit. The funds from the tourist tax are invested to support education, infrastructure, tourism development and sustainability initiatives on the island.

It's In Our Nature
Cactuses in field

November 15, 2023

Explore the Island in One Day

Bonaire, a beautiful island in the Caribbean Sea, is renowned for its white sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters, and diverse natural wonders. As a tourist, exploring this island is an unforgettable experience.

October 10, 2023

Annual Bonaire Regatta

The annual Sailing Regatta in the bay in front of Kralendijk is taking place this year from October 9th to October 14th. The entire week is dedicated to sailboat races and festivities.

September 15, 2023

Celebrating Tourism Month on Bonaire

Bonaire, the Caribbean gem, is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty, stunning coral reefs, rich culture, and warm hospitality.


of Bonaire

No one knows Bonaire better than our people. So there’s no better way to get to know Bonaire than by reading the blogs they write about the island’s natural habitats, wildlife, history, cuisine, activities, language, and so much more.

Preserving Bonaire for Generations to Come

Bonaire is a true ecological marvel, so we work every day to preserve our piece of paradise.

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Group of people walking into an cave
Patio with staircase leading down to palm trees
Underwater view of coral reef

X Marks

the Spot

From beaches and dive sites to hotels and restaurants and everything in between, our interactive map can help you find whatever you’re looking for on Bonaire.