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Seeing the Sights on Bonaire

Whether you’re looking to commune with nature or you prefer historical sites, Bonaire has everything you’re looking for. And our seasoned local guides can help make it all easier to find.

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While Bonaire is home to stunning natural habitats and wildlife, it is still a very small island. Keeping so much of the island and the surrounding seas pristine and untouched means fiercely protecting all of it.

Our devotion to protecting Bonaire affords you a unique opportunity to experience a tropical island like no other. Board a sunset cruise under our purple, tropical skies. Reconnect with nature at the Washington Slagbaai National Park. Take in the island’s stunning beauty on the Bara di Karta hiking trail. Explore our history and geography at the Mangazina di Rei Museum. You can even get to know some of the island’s native donkeys at our Donkey Sanctuary.

Local guides know the island better than anyone, and they’ll be more than happy to show you the best spots. They’ll also explain the island’s history, culture, birds, sea life and so much more. Because the island is so small, you can tour much of it by car, taxi or bus.

Of course, don’t forget your camera! With so much colorful wildlife and stunning scenery you won’t want to miss your chance to capture the magic and romance of the tropics.

The Sites of Bonaire

On Bonaire, you’ll find everything from untouched nature preserves to historic sites to undersea wrecks and much more.

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Someone to Point the Way

Local guides can help show you the sites that interest you the most.

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Locating the Sites

Bonaire is a small island with lots to see.

Map of Bonaire