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Preserving Bonaire for generations to come

Ours is an island paradise that will forever remain untouched

When you live on an island, you quickly become aware of how connected you are to nature. It’s one reason we’re so fiercely overprotective of the lands, seas and reefs that have been entrusted to us. We see ourselves as stewards of the island, preserving it for future generations. That’s why we developed a strategic master plan to keep development from spoiling the gifts nature has given us.

Bird landing in green field

How we're protecting Bonaire's natural wonders

Home to some of the world’s most fragile habitats as well as several endangered species, Bonaire is a true ecological marvel. So we work every day to preserve our piece of paradise. The Ramsar Convention protects wetland nesting and feeding sites for turtles and birds, as well as layover destinations for migratory birds. Keeping the seas healthy means protecting and restoring our reefs, providing breeding and feeding grounds for fish and sea turtles. Finally, we’ve embraced sustainable energy, aiming to be completely carbon neutral in a few years.

Conserving Bonaire's natural resources

From protecting endangered species to generating clean energy, we’re working hard to preserve Bonaire for generations to come, and we invite you to be a part of this journey. By choosing ecotourism and embracing sustainable travel practices, you can contribute to the preservation of Bonaire’s natural wonders while experiencing the island’s unparalleled beauty.

The Earthonauts Program

As we enter the age of space tourism, we want to show travelers there are still places on our own planet worth exploring. So, with the help of conservation-focused organizations, we’ve created the Earthonauts Program to send a group of travelers on an all-expenses-paid mission of sustainability, exploration and adventure.

Group of flamingos standing in water


Protecting our national parks, on the island and in the sea.

Underwater view of two swimmer and coral reef

Reef Renewal Foundation

Protecting and restoring reefs in the waters around Bonaire.

Sea turtle swimming near coral reef

Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire

Protecting the three endangered species of sea turtles native to Bonaire.

Parrot sitting in tree

Echo Bonaire

Protecting our Yellow-shouldered Amazon Parrots by restoring their dry forest habitat.

Windmills in desert

Blue Destination Certification Program

We're dedicated to sustainable tourism by protecting our natural resources.