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Explore the Road to Rincon

March 5, 2024

Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) is getting ready for the celebration of Dia di Rincon. In preparation for the 35th anniversary of this National Holiday, TCB wants to remind the visitors and community of Bonaire about the great things there are to experience on the main road leading to Rincon.

Rincon is the oldest village on Bonaire, bringing a special charm to the island. It is important to dedicate time and attention to the culture and heritage of the island, which is what the entire month of April is all about. Many activities and events will take place in Rincon leading up to the big day on the 30th of April. For more information on all things Dia di Rincon, send an email to or visit the website

The main road to Rincon consists of 5 roads: Kaminda Gurubu, Kaminda Tras di Montaña, Kaminda Sabana Piedra Krus, Kaminda Onima, and Boulevard Miguel A. Pourier. Each has hidden gems that take you on an adventure as you stray from the beaten path. Dare to roam the roads less traveled and share your experience with us.

Starting on Kaminda Gurubu there is a side road (Kaya Karibe) on your left hand side which takes you to Nort’i Saliña and the surrounding neighborhoods. On your right hand side you find the soccer field where local clubs train their specialty. Further down the road, you find the road leading to the Finca Verde apartments, where you can enjoy the peace and quiet that comes with staying away from the city. Continue down the road to find the Pos Gurubu, behind which walking trails take you on adventures in nature

On Kaminda Tras di Montaña you find the starting point of the trails within the Tras di Montaña area, the maps to these trails can be found at the TCB office. On the right, you see a road next to a big field. There is a sign there, from our signage project campaign,  that tells you about the history of that area and if you follow that side road, Kaminda Seru Largu, you will reach Seru Largu, where you will have a beautiful view of the south side of the island. If you continue further down the road, you will see an open soccer field, a baseball field, and a rundown bocce ball field.  The locals are using the soccer field as a blokart practicing field, a model plain airstrip, and a dog training area. The baseball field is used by local clubs training for their baseball games. While the bocce ball field is abandoned until the bocce ball season begins and then it is refreshed and ready to be used again.

On Kaminda Tras di Montaña, you can find a side road to Dos Iguana, Outdoor Fitness Gym by Annemieke, and Tera Barra. Dos Iguana is an accommodation that lets you experience the kunuku lifestyle on Bonaire. The Outdoor Fitness Gym is a great alternative to regular gym, since you are in nature and have amazing views of the land while you work out your body. This gym is appointment only and guided by trainer Annemieke, whom can be reached by calling 785-4393 or emailing Tera Barra is a native garden where native plants are used to create environmentally friendly landscapes. This garden is open Thursday and Friday from 8 am to noon and Saturday from 8 am to 1 pm.

Further down Kaminda Tras di Montaña on your right hand you will find Tanki Maraka, the World War II heritage park, an open air museum with ruins of the past and signs with historical facts and pictures on it. A bit further down the road on the left, a side road takes you to the Bonaire Botanical Garden. Finally nearly at the end of Kaminda Tras di Montaña you will find Wanta Brek Snack, which is a bar on the side of the road with no name on it where people stop for a quick refreshment on their way to Rincon or on their way back. It is usually open on the weekend, especially on Sunday, but there are no official opening times.

At the beginning of Kaminda Sabana Piedra Krus there is a side road on the right hand right before the drop off. At the end of that side road, there is the Landhuis Ernestina, which is available as an accommodation or as an event location. Down the hill on the right again, you see the track of Bonaire Landsailing Adventures. Pass Piedra Krus, a monument in the shape of a cross; you will eventually see a sign indicating the road to Fontein. Fontein is the island’s only natural running known sweet water source, bought back by the government in October 2023. It is momentarily closed until work can be done to make it available to the community.

Kaminda Onima is a short stretch of road that leads you to the entrance of the side road on the right-hand side that leads to the area of Onima. Before reaching it you will see an enclosed area that is a part of Dragstip Bonaire, where motorcycle enthusiast can go and burn rubber. Then when you continue down the dirt road and turn left on the longer stretch of dirt road you will reach the Onima rock with Indian inscriptions followed by the inlet called Boka Onima.

Boulevard Miguel A. Pourier is a slingshot all the way to Rincon. It is the road on which you enter the village. If you look around, you will see birds flying around and goats jumping on the rocks of the hills on the side of the road. In honor of the upcoming celebrations, TCB invites everyone to share their experience on the road to Rincon on social media using the hashtags #bonaireisland #yesbonaire #bonaire #itsinournature.