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Red Palm Village

Outdoor lounge area with a couch and armchairs by a pool

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Kaminda Sorobon 20+599 700

This small-scale resort is uniquely located on the Kaminda Sorobon, a beautiful winding road from Kralendijk to the beaches of Sorobon that takes you right through the protected natural area of Lac Bay. Red Palm Village is an eco-friendly, child-friendly, and LGBT-friendly resort where our guests can celebrate their holidays with respect for each other and nature. In the middle of the park, along the poolside, you will find our restaurant, “Lekker Thuis,” where we serve the best dinners cooked by our chef, Corjan Hoogerheide. The Dutch word ‘Lekker’ means tasty and cozy, and the word ‘Thuis’ means at home. This is exactly how we want you to feel in our restaurant and resort. Near to the park, there are lots of activities, from canoeing and snorkeling in the mangroves, surfing, swimming and enjoying drinks and bites on the beaches of Sorobon to kite surfing, diving, and sailing on the island’s west side.