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Culinary Workshop

Bonaire has so many culinary traditions to share. Our dishes as we know them today have so many influences linking back to the island’s rich history. Through food, so much can be learned and experienced. By following a workshop, you can learn more about what is on your plate; the story behind the dish, and how everything got together in the first place. Sharing a traditional meal is the best way to make new friends after all.

The Old-Fashioned Workshop

Join two lovely ladies in a culinary adventure that takes you back in time, see how people lived in the old days, and cook the way they did back then too. Make several dishes that all come together in such a beautiful way to fill you up and teach you about our culture.

While making these traditional recipes you also get the unique opportunity to walk through a traditional house and see how a family lived back in the day, along with some fun stories of the family that lived in the house that you are walking through.

Located in the oldest village on the island, this workshop is guaranteed to take your tastebuds on a beautiful journey. To make your reservation please contact the workshop organizer via WhatsApp at +599 770 1607.

The Nature Cooking Workshop

Go to a “Kunuku” (our local word for farm) and get your hands dirty in this workshop that takes you through the process of taking care of the land and learning where our food comes from. Cook on firewood and chill with the nice breeze that courses through the trees.

This property offers two different workshops. One in the morning with a group of around 5 to 15 people which includes breakfast, and your efforts will lead to lunch. The other one starts in the afternoon and finishes with a delicious 3-course dinner, all of which will be plant-based.

To make your reservation you can contact the Nature Cooking School directly on social media.

Instagram: naturecookingschoolbonaire

Facebook: Nature Cooking School Bonaire


WhatsApp: +599 701 7723


The Local Brunch Workshop (Coming Soon)

Join this young couple and make the islands’ favorite snacks and enjoy the accumulation of all these delicious treats for brunch. All of this is done at a beautiful new location with an amazing breeze right next to the Flamingo Airport.

For more information and to make your reservation you can send a message to one of the methods listed below.

Instagram: blue_lagun_bonaire

Facebook: Blue Lagun Cafe Bonaire


WhatsApp: +599 701 1317