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Twelve visitors receive recognition as Bonaire Ambassadors

May 7, 2024

In April, Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) recognized twelve visitors as Bonaire Ambassadors in the bronze, silver, gold, and platinum categories.

Tina and Diethard Wagner from Austria were honored with bronze and gold pins, respectively, for their 10 and 20 years of visiting Bonaire.

Jolijn Middelhof from the Netherlands was surprised with recognition for the 15 consecutive years she has been visiting Bonaire. It was her friends who live on Bonaire, including Muys Cieremans and Huub Groot, who surprised Jolijn with this recognition.

The Barclay family, consisting of Ian, Christopher, Timothy, and Claire were also honored for their 18 consecutive years of visiting Bonaire. On this occasion, both the Barclay family and Jolijn Middelhof were presented with a silver pin.

Lester Knutsen and Mike and Kathie Nelson also received this award for their 20 and 21 years of visiting Bonaire. They received a gold pin.

The couple Donald and Barbara Treue from Austria were honored for their 41 years of visiting Bonaire. Their daughter Melissa Hilgers, who lives on Bonaire, surprised them with this honor. They received a platinum plaque.

Helen Mercera-Thodé handled all the ceremonies for TCB, during which she presented the pins and certificates to our ambassadors.