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Tourism organizations NBTC and TCB sign a letter of intent for future cooperation

November 22, 2023

The Dutch Board for Tourism and Conventions (Nederlands Bureau voor Toerisme en Congressen – NBTC) and Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) signed a letter of intent on November 20, 2023 with the desire to collaborate in the field of destination management. This concerns a structured collaboration for the period 2024-2025 in which both parties will support and strengthen each other through concrete actions.

The national vision on tourism in the Netherlands, recorded in the document ‘Perspective Destination Netherlands 2030’, will guide the content of the collaboration. As a destination management organization of and for the Netherlands, the NBTC will provide support to TCB in the transition from destination marketing to destination development and destination management. In doing so, TCB will provide direction and content for the further development, execution and implementation of Perspective 2030 on Bonaire.

‘For us, this letter of intent is an important step in TCB’s transition process from a marketing organization to a destination management organization and in the further development of our island. Future collaboration with NBTC, as well as the experience, knowledge and skills of our Dutch colleagues, is looked forward to with enthusiasm on Bonaire,’ says Miles Mercera, director of TCB. ‘In addition, NBTC is a great strategic partner on many fronts and, moreover, as an ambassador of Bonaire, can address the importance of TCB with relevant parties in the Netherlands.’

‘NBTC is happy to make its knowledge available to support the implementation of destination management. Every area and every region has its own challenges when it comes to tourism, and so does Bonaire. In that respect, this collaboration is also a great opportunity for us to gain new insights and share existing knowledge and put it into practice,’ says Jos Vranken, General Manager of NBTC.