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Tourism Corporation Bonaire Secures License for Bonaire’s Return to Miss Universe after 25 years

May 6, 2024

After 25 years, Bonaire is set to grace the international stage of Miss Universe once again, marking a significant milestone for the island. Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) proudly announces that it has obtained the license for Bonaire’s participation in the Miss Universe pageant.

The last two times Bonaire participated in Miss Universe was in 1998 when the elegant Uzmin Everts represented the island, and after that in 1999 it was Julina Felida. Now, after more than two decades, Bonaire is gearing up to showcase Bonaire’s beautiful human nature and Mother Nature to the world again.

Tourism Corporation Bonaire, as the official franchise holder, has been negotiating Bonaire’s participation for the past two years. Bonaire, as a special municipality of the Netherlands, wasn’t recognized as a country to be able to participate in the Miss Universe pageant individually. As of 2024, Bonaire is now recognized and eligible to participate again.

Miss Universe, an annual international beauty pageant, is globally renowned and considered the biggest beauty pageant alongside Miss World, Miss International, and Miss Earth. Since 1956, Miss Universe has been a platform for women’s empowerment, cultural exchange, and diversity celebration.

“As CEO of Tourism Corporation Bonaire, I am thrilled to announce our return to the Miss Universe stage after 25 years. This opportunity will showcase Bonaire’s unique culture and nature to a global audience, strengthening our international presence and promoting our commitment to diversity and sustainability. TCB will work alongside previous partners and stakeholders to secure the best representation of our island,” said Miles Mercera.

TCB recognizes the importance of Bonaire’s participation in the Miss Universe as a means of nation-building, woman empowerment, and promoting the cultural richness the island stands for. Through this platform, Bonaire aims to share its unique traditions, beautiful landscapes, and the warmth of its people with a global audience, reaffirming its place on the world stage.

Preparations have already kicked off as TCB works to ensure that Bonaire’s presence at Miss Universe 2024 exceeds all expectations. We are excited for the journey, and we welcome our local community to stay tuned for more updates and announcements.