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Tourism Corporation Bonaire reveals the Tourism Scholarship Awards

December 27, 2022

The first Four students who completed all entry requirements received their Bonaire Tourism Scholarship

In August 2022, Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) signed a Partnership Agreement with Guardian Group Fatum (GGF) to jointly launch an educational initiative titled ‘The Bonaire Tourism Scholarship Program’ for the Bonairean community.

Applicants had the chance to apply for the Bonaire Tourism Scholarship Program during a course of two months. October 10th was the deadline to apply for the Scholarship. We received a total of 59 applications. After filtering all the applications there where 19 candidates that were eligible.

The first four who completed all entry requirements have been selected and honored with their Bonaire Tourism Scholarship. All of the candidates are studying Tourism & Hospitality here on Bonaire at School Gemeenschap Bonaire at the MBO department. TCB hopes to continue to award additional scholarships as soon as all of the entry requirement duties are fulfilled.

According to CEO of TCB, Mr. Miles B M Mercera, “it feels great to be able to recognize and celebrate our future professionals by granting them a Tourism scholarship. I recognize myself in these students many years ago when I first started my career at the young age of 15. These students are dreamers but also determined to make a difference for the Bonaire tourism industry. We wish them (students) all the best and a special thanks to our partners for the collaboration and support.”

“Guardian Group Fatum’s core values are the guiding principles of the organization and represent the quality and character of our organization. We believe in continuous improvement and encourage others as well to be better today than yesterday. For this reason, it is important to us to contribute to the education of these students, as we believe that education and knowledge is one of the most important tools for improvement and success. We are honored to partner up with TCB in this project and very proud to be part of this journey with the students.” According to Guardian Group Fatum’s Manager Marketing Dutch Caribbean, Djamila Braaf.

About the Scholarship

The Bonaire Tourism Scholarship Program helps fund individual professional development courses and full-time academic courses in all areas of Hospitality and Tourism Management for Associate (MBO), Bachelor and Master programs. The scholarship allows deserving students and non-students to achieve their educational goals, meet their professional objectives and realize their dreams. In addition, the scholarship program enables participants to take advantage of opportunities for continuing their professional development. This scholarship is also an effective tool/opportunity to improve recruitment of qualified locals and encourage retention and professional growth in the tourism sector of Bonaire.