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Tourism Corporation Bonaire Recognizes Extraordinary Individuals in the Bonaire Friends Program

August 15, 2023

Tourism Corporation Bonaire takes immense pride in honoring exceptional individuals who have significantly contributed to the tourism industry on the island. Through the Bonaire Friends Program, we celebrate the dedication and warmth of Farid Ayubi, Zoey, Fra, and Dora, recognizing their outstanding efforts in enhancing the visitor experience and embodying the spirit of Bonaire’s hospitality.

Farid Ayubi, the dedicated owner of Sunrise Tours Bonaire, has been a pillar of support and assistance to visitors for over two decades. In an extraordinary act of kindness, Farid went above and beyond when he came to the aid of a couple in distress. Leslie Howell, who had suffered a severe ankle injury, found herself stranded on a Bonaire beach. Despite not being a part of Farid’s tour, he selflessly halted his tour bus, assessed the situation, and promptly organized an ambulance. Farid’s caring actions extended beyond the ordinary; he provided comfort, ensured safety, and exemplified the genuine warmth that defines Bonaire’s community.

Zoey, a dynamic and enthusiastic staff member at Ocean Oasis, has captured the essence of youthful energy and exceptional service. During a dining experience at Ocean Oasis, a guest had the pleasure of encountering Zoey’s remarkable attentiveness and genuine care. With enthusiasm, Zoey not only delivered impeccable service but also created an engaging and enjoyable atmosphere. Her dedication to enhancing guests’ evenings through her genuine interactions and service reflects the kind of hospitality that makes Bonaire’s experiences truly memorable.

In the midst of a heart-wrenching journey, Fra exhibited extraordinary empathy and support to a grieving family. During a difficult time, Fra extended a compassionate hand to a visitor who had come to Bonaire to bid farewell to a loved one. Her understanding, empathy, and thoughtful conversations provided solace and renewed hope.

For two decades, Dora has been the friendly face that visitors look forward to encountering upon arriving in Bonaire. As an integral part of the Budget rental car service at the airport, Dora has consistently greeted visitors with a welcoming smile and unmatched kindness. She has played a pivotal role in ensuring that the first encounter with Bonaire is one of warmth and positivity. Dora’s upcoming retirement marks a milestone in her remarkable service journey, deserving of a heartfelt celebration for her years of dedication.

The Bonaire Friends Program remains steadfast in its commitment to celebrating exceptional individuals every week. By highlighting the stories of Farid Ayubi, Zoey, Fra, and Dora, we honor their contributions to Bonaire’s inclusive and inviting culture. This program not only recognizes exemplary service but also nurtures authentic connections between visitors and the local community, fostering enduring memories and friendships.

The Bonaire Friends Program highlights the extraordinary individuals who contribute to making Bonaire a truly exceptional destination.

Sharing Stories of Exceptional Encounters Visitors are encouraged to share their own stories, photographs, and videos of exceptional encounters with the local community through the dedicated Bonaire Friends page at Tourism Corporation Bonaire invites everyone to participate and celebrate the unique connections and lasting friendships forged on the island.

Recognizing the Best of Bonaire, The Bonaire Friends Program continues to honor remarkable individuals each week, showcasing the outstanding service and warm hospitality provided by the people of Bonaire. This program is a testament to the vibrant culture of the island and offers visitors an opportunity to engage with the local community, fostering genuine connections and lifelong memories.