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Tourism Corporation Bonaire Recognizes Extraordinary Individuals in the Bonaire Friends Program

September 13, 2023

Tourism Corporation Bonaire proudly continues its tradition of acknowledging exceptional individuals who have made significant contributions to Bonaire’s tourism industry. Through the Bonaire Friends Program, we celebrate the unwavering dedication and warm hospitality of outstanding individuals, recognizing their extraordinary efforts in enhancing the visitor experience.

We are thrilled to announce the addition of four remarkable individuals to our list of Bonaire Friends awardees:

Darcy – Over the past decade, Darcy has been the welcoming face that greets divers at Dive Friends locations. His infectious smile and enthusiasm for helping divers with their equipment needs have made him a beloved figure in the diving community. Darcy’s passion for Bonaire is evident not only in his work but also in his social media presence, where he proudly showcases the island’s beauty.

Helen Thode – Nominated by one of our Ambassadors, Helen’s welcoming and informative approach left a lasting impression on visitors. Her dedication to sharing the latest events and happenings on Bonaire created a sense of belonging for our visitors. Helen’s personal touch and warm engagement make visitors feel like honorary Bonaire friends.

Jessica – Jessica’s exceptional hospitality played a pivotal role in transforming a snorkeling vacation into a life-changing Bonaire experience for one couple. Despite unforeseen circumstances preventing scuba diving, Jessica’s guidance, tourist insights, and warm hospitality turned their trip into an unforgettable adventure. Her dedication to ensuring visitors have the best possible experience embodies the spirit of Bonaire’s hospitality.

Captain Rowan Beenakkers – Captain Rowan’s warm welcome and informative guidance have left a mark on cruise passengers visiting Bonaire. His passion for the island, coupled with his extensive knowledge, has made him a standout figure in the tourism industry. Rowan’s commitment to preserving Bonaire’s natural beauty while providing exceptional experiences to visitors sets a shining example for all.

The Bonaire Friends Program continues to spotlight outstanding individuals who contribute to making Bonaire an extraordinary destination. By recognizing these exceptional encounters, we aim to foster genuine connections and lasting memories for all who visit our island.

Visitors are encouraged to share their own stories of exceptional encounters with the local community through the dedicated Bonaire Friends page at  Tourism Corporation Bonaire invites everyone to participate and celebrate the unique connections and lasting friendships forged on the island.

The Bonaire Friends Program remains committed to recognizing the best of Bonaire each week, highlighting the outstanding service and warm hospitality provided by the people of Bonaire. This program underscores the vibrant culture of the island and offers visitors an opportunity to engage with the local community, fostering genuine connections and lifelong memories.