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Tourism Corporation Bonaire recognizes 17 visitors as Bonaire Ambassadors

March 2, 2022

They have received awards in several categories

In the last week of February, Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) recognized 17 visitors from the United States as Bonaire Ambassadors.

The visitors who have received recognition are Dale and Maura Braun who have been visiting Bonaire for 12 consecutive years. They were given a bronze pin. A silver pin was presented to the couple Gregory and Rosemarie Belisle in connection with the 17 years they have been visiting Bonaire.

For the gold category, James and Rosaria Sortino were honored who have been visiting Bonaire for 21 years and Read and Lynda Wakefield along with Frank Wilson for the 20 years they have visited Bonaire, while Charlie and Brooke Partlan received this award for 25 years of visiting our island.

The highest award, the Platinum Award, was presented to Enno and Sybil Moulder and Arthur and Ellie Mariano. Both couples have been visiting Bonaire for 33 years. The couple Bob and Carol Schmidt have received this award for 35 years of visiting Bonaire.

The recognition ceremony was in the hands of Helen Mercera-Thodé, coordinator of the Bonaire Ambassador Program.