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Tourism Corporation Bonaire Preliminary Results of September 2023 Tourism in Bonaire: 11,928 Stayover Visitors

October 4, 2023

Bonaire Monthly Tourism Performance – Preliminary results

The preliminary results for September 2023 indicate 11,928 stayover visitors in Bonaire. With 11,928 stayover visitors recorded during the month, Bonaire is experiencing an upward trend in tourist arrivals. This marks an increase of 0.7% from the 11,853 visitors in September 2022 and a significant growth of 19.3% compared to (pre-pandemic) 10,000 visitors in September 2019.

The primary source markets for Bonaire’s tourism remain consistent, with the Netherlands and the United States leading the way. Dutch visitors comprised 5769 (48%), while the United States contributed 2525 (21%) stayover visitors in September 2023.

Curaçao continues to play a vital role in Bonaire’s tourism landscape, contributing 1904 (16%) visitors from the neighboring island.

Other significant markets contributing to Bonaire’s tourism success include Aruba, Germany, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, the United Kingdom, Colombia and Switzerland.

Germany emerged as a strong market in September 2023, with 271 stayover visitors recorded. This places Germany in the top-performing markets list for the month.

Regarding visitor demographics, the age range of 45 to 54 remains the most common among the visitors, highlighting Bonaire’s appeal to mature travelers seeking diverse experiences.

Analyzing the United States market further, the key states from which visitors originated include Florida, California, Texas, New York, Colorado, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, and New Jersey.

Dutch visitors’ main regions of origin were the South Netherlands, North Netherlands, and North Brabant.

Additionally, Bonaire’s cruise tourism segment contributed with 19,747 cruise visitors arriving in August 2023, facilitated by the presence of four cruise ships during the month.

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