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Tourism Corporation Bonaire Launches Campaign Titled ‘Eat Like a Local’ as part of its Culinary Capital activities

February 15, 2023

Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) launched a campaign called ‘Eat Like a Local’. This campaign will be a series of different videos and images highlighting a variety of our authentic cuisine, the ways we prepare it and how we enjoy it together.

The goal is to continue to engage the local community in efforts to enhance Bonaire’s culinary scene. Additionally, bringing awareness to the different types of dishes available on the island and educating our guests on our authentic meals and restaurants. This will elevate both the Bonaireans and the visitors’ knowledge and experience on the island.

On Bonaire, we’ve long believed that sharing a traditional meal is the best way to bring families together and make new friends. It’s in our nature to share our experiences and as a certified Culinary Capital we want to give food lovers confidence to travel to Bonaire for its unique gastronomy. This certification is a great boost for Bonaire and all the hardworking professionals who have put the diverse culinary culture of our small island on the map in recent years. From snacks to beverages to full meals and desserts we encourage our visitors to let their taste buds explore the melting pot of Bonaire.

We would like to inspire our community and visitors to share their Bonaire culinary experience with the world by posting it on social media. Tell the world about our favorite dishes, outstanding places to eat on the island and best moments created together. Don’t forget to mention us @BonaireIsland and use the hashtags #BonaireCulinaryCapital #BonaireIsland #ItsInOurNature to be featured on our pages.

Let’s continue to celebrate and enhance our rich culture together!