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Tourism Corporation Bonaire Launches Bonaire Friends Campaign

April 11, 2023

Tourism Corporation Bonaire Launches Bonaire Friends Campaign to Recognize Locals and Enhance Visitor Experience

Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) has announced the launch of its new Bonaire Friends campaign, which aims to recognize and celebrate the hardworking individuals who make the Bonaire experience possible. The campaign is designed to highlight the great service provided by local people working in the tourism industry and to thank them for their efforts.

As part of the Bonaire Friends campaign, visitors are invited to share their stories about locals who have helped them enjoy new experiences, recommended great restaurants, or simply been there to lend a helping hand. To participate, visitors can submit their stories, photos, or videos to the dedicated Bonaire Friends page on

Each week, TCB will select the top 3-5 submissions, and these will be reviewed by the Bonaire Friends Review Committee, which is made up of members from the TCB and Bonaire Hotel and Tourism Association (BONHATA). The submissions will be scored based on the uniqueness of the story and the passion shown by the locals. The winner will be rewarded and invited to become an official Bonaire Friend.

“We are super excited to be able to launch the Bonaire Friends. Our biggest asset as a destination is our people, our community and this project will celebrate and highlight our most important ambassadors and their hard work to create, offer and provide the Bonaire Experience. It’s in our nature and it’s even better when we reward our people for their service. Bonaire Friends will be an integral part of our tourism strategy”, said Miles B M Mercera, CEO of TCB.

The Bonaire Friends campaign is a fantastic opportunity to showcase the warm and welcoming nature of the people of Bonaire and to thank them for their efforts in making visitors feel at home.

TCB encourages all local partners to be part of this by involving the working individuals at their businesses and to support the campaign by sharing the asset toolkit available to help promote it. With this campaign, TCB hopes to create a positive impact on the local community and enhance the visitor experience on the island.