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Tourism Corporation Bonaire is thrilled to announce Boy Rozendaal as the latest recipient of the Bonaire Friends program

May 5, 2023

This initiative aims to recognize and celebrate individuals who truly embody the essence of Bonaire, encouraging visitors to share their positive encounters with locals on the island.

Boy Rozendaal was acknowledged for his exceptional dedication and the service he provided, which left a lastingBoy receiving a cheque impression on visitors. In a heartwarming note, Ana Hotaling recounts her experience during her first guided snorkeling tour of Klein Bonaire, where she found herself alone whereas the rest of the group consisted of a Danish family and a local couple.

However, Boy’s warm and welcoming nature bridged the gap and fostered communication among all the snorkelers. By the end of the excursion, they were conversing like old friends, and their paths crossed again at 1000 Steps and in Kralendijk over the following days.

Boy expertly guided them to the finest snorkeling spots around Klein Bonaire, while also sharing his extensive knowledge about the fascinating marine life they encountered. He proved to be an outstanding guide, both for snorkeling and for showcasing the wonders of Bonaire.

Tourism Corporation Bonaire extends its heartfelt congratulations to Boy Rozendaal for his exceptional contribution to the tourism industry, and for serving as an exemplary ambassador of our local community.

The Bonaire Friends campaign continues to invite visitors to share their own stories of remarkable encounters with the island’s locals. Guests are encouraged to submit their anecdotes, photographs, or videos to the dedicated Bonaire Friends page on

Every week, the Tourism Corporation Bonaire will select a deserving individual to receive the award, shining a spotlight on the remarkable hospitality and service provided by the people of Bonaire.

The Bonaire Friends program stands as a testament to the island’s warm and inclusive culture, inviting visitors to engage with the local community and cultivate enduring friendships.