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Tourism Corporation Bonaire hosts an exclusive performance by Semii Marten upon welcoming the Emerald Azzura Yacht for the first time to Bonaire

February 22, 2024

Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) had the privilege of hosting Semii Marten and her talented team for a performance aboard the luxurious Emerald Azzura Yacht.

On February 21st, 2024, Semi Marten impressed the Emerald Azzura Yacht with an hour-long performance, which consisted of her own songs, folkloric dancers, a poem in Papiamentu by Janiro Dorothea, and urban dancers captivating both the visitors and crew members onboard.

The Emerald Azzura Yacht, visiting Bonaire on the 21st for the first time (first call), is known for its luxury and sophistication and welcomed approximately 100 visitors alongside its 77 crew members. The Emerald Azzura boasts lavish accommodations, an array of amenities, and innovative features like the breathtaking Marina Platform and cutting-edge infrared sauna.

Miles, CEO of TCB, expressed his delight in collaborating with local artists and seizing remarkable opportunities such as this event. He emphasized the significance of showcasing Semii Marten’s exceptional talents to a global audience, underscoring the importance of nurturing local talent on national and international platforms.

TCB would like to thank Semii Marten and her team, Bonaire Port, Emerald Azzura and team, and Maduro Bonaire for the collaboration, commitment, and opportunity to promote our culture and foster memorable experiences for our visitors.