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Tourism Corporation Bonaire honors eight visitors and a diving group as Bonaire Ambassadors

November 1, 2023

In the month of October

During the month of October, Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) recognized eight visitors and a diving group as Bonaire Ambassadors. This was in the bronze, gold, and platinum categories.

In the bronze category, Tim Proffitt was honored for the 12 years he has been visiting Bonaire. In his statement, Tim emphasized that he is very fond of the relaxed character of our island and the opportunity to do shore diving.

William and Susan Guyer have also been visiting Bonaire for 12 consecutive years. They think that Bonaire has beautiful diving spots, the gastronomy of our island is spectacular, and the people are very friendly.

William Vogel was honored for the 14 years he has visited our island. Every year he is also part of a diving group that regularly comes to Bonaire.

A gold pin was presented to Edward Brockenbrough, who has visited our island for 25 years. The Dive Group Calypso was also honored for 25 years of visiting Bonaire.

The highest award went to three visitors, namely Ric Minturn, who has been coming to our island for 30 years, Mike Marks for 31 years, and Patricia Vogel for 32 years of visiting Bonaire.

For TCB, Helen Mercera-Thodé was in charge of the ceremonies and she presented the corresponding pins and plaques to our new ambassadors.