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Tourism Corporation Bonaire honors 5 visitors as Bonaire Ambassadors

August 8, 2022

In the month of July, Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) honored a visitor as Bonaire Ambassador. The month of August has also started with the recognition of four people as ambassadors.Ambassadors

On Friday, July 14, Dave Trinka, from the United States, was recognized as a Bonaire Ambassador. Dave Trinka has been visiting Bonaire for 18 consecutive years. The recognition ceremony took place at the Captain Don’s Habitat and was led by Helen Mercera. Valerie Trenidad was in charge of the official part and Dave Trenka received the silver pin from her, corresponding to the number of years he has been visiting our island.

On Monday, August 1, four guests from the United States received recognition from TCB. The following persons were recognized as ambassadors: Renee Rousch, who has been visiting Bonaire for 10 consecutive years, received a bronze pin. Gregory and Beverly McGowan, a couple who bring a group of divers to Bonaire every year, were honored with a silver pin along with Mary Kay Hood for the 15 years they have visited Bonaire.

AmbassadorsHelen Mercera and Virgy Balentin from TCB provided the official part, while Captain Don’s Habitat General Manager Claire Sealy handed out the corresponding pins to the ambassadors.

The representatives of TCB thanked our ambassadors for choosing Bonaire as their holiday destination and also expressed their thanks for all the years they bring new visitors and friends to get to know our beautiful island.