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Tourism Corporation Bonaire, Gentz, and Luis Moka join forces to promote Bonaire, its music, and rhythm in the 2024 Carnival Season in Curaçao

January 31, 2024

Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB), as part of the collaboration agreement signed with Luis Moka in April 2022 as a Local Bonaire Ambassador, announces its support and agreement with Luis Moka and GENTZ. After Luis Moka’s successful participation at the 2024 Tumba Festival in Curaçao, the opportunity has emerged for Luis Moka to participate in several engagements in Curaçao to celebrate the 2024 Carnival season in collaboration with GENTZ.

“We recognize Luis’s amazing talent and personality,” said Miles Mercera, CEO of TCB. “I personally consider him a young and talented rising star. Luis Moka’s dedication and efforts to keep our local traditions alive through music is to be celebrated. TCB recognizes his efforts to share and promote our local heritage, music, and way of life (Krioyo pa bida) with the world. This opportunity with GENTZ is a perfect way to promote our culture, heritage, and people in Curaçao. After all, It’s in our Nature.”

Luis Moka also shared, “I feel honored and excited. I am ready to continue to promote our local music, dance, and rhythm- from Rincon to the world.”

Luis Moka will participate in several festival engagements in Curaçao, including the Carnival parades in Curaçao.