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Tourism Corporation Bonaire announces the opening of the culture month “Na kaminda pa Dia di Rincon”

April 4, 2023

Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) has started the culture month with the slogan “Na kaminda pa Dia di Rincon – On the way to the Dia di Rincon”. To give this activity a special touch, TCB has had a replica of the ‘Kas di Bara’ made and placed at the airport. A ‘Kas di Bara’ is a house made of thin branches, mud and clay, possibly smoothed with cow dung. This way visitors can see a part of our culture and also see what the houses of our ancestors looked like. Meleno ‘Pachi Pé’ Mercera built this work of art. Together with his wife, Pachi Pé has put together this great creation.

Throughout the month of April, TCB welcomes all passengers on international flights, while on Saturday all visitors can enjoy folkloric music.