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The Arte di Palabra competition took place last Saturday in Jong Bonaire

May 31, 2023

Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) has contributed to the activity of Arte di Palabra (Word Art), given the importance of this event. After all, it concerns talented young people and because the activity gives value to our language Papiamentu in a unique way. In addition, the competition encourages the use of our native language Papiamentu among young people in group 8 of primary and secondary education.

In a creative way, the young people discover and experience the love for Papiamentu-language literature. This is done through various forms of language expression, but mainly through poems and stories. By stimulating the young people and making them aware of the use of our language, Arte di Palabra creates exemplary young people for Bonaire who become ambassadors for our language Papiamentu. As ambassadors, they care with love and respect for the preservation of our language Papiamentu. In addition, Arte di Palabra Bonaire inspires and creates young writers and actors in order to expand, promote and preserve our literature in Papiamentu.

Before the start of the Arte di Palabra competition, all participants and some members of the Arte di Palabra team met in the TCB office and then made a short tour in Playa that ended at Jong Bonaire. The tour was in the ‘trolley’ of Jack Tours, which is now completely painted with the TCB branding: It’s in our nature.

Upon arrival of the participants at Jong Bonaire, they were greeted with great applause by the audience present and the competition could immediately start.

TCB CEO Miles Mercera also spoke, wishing all participants the best of luck and assuring them that it is a great honor for TCB to be part of the Arte di Palabra.

TCB congratulates all winners and wishes them the best of luck in the ABC 2023 Arte di Palabra competition that will take place in Aruba.