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TCB, the Bonairean island government, and Indebon recognize Gyairon Martis as Bonaire Ambassador

January 11, 2024

Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB), the Bonairean island government, and Indebon have honored and recognized Gyairon Martis as a Bonaire Ambassador. Gyairon Martis, a multi-talented young athlete born in Bonaire on January 22, 2000, was honored for his brilliant achievements in the sports world. Gyairon is an athlete who practices several sports, including baseball, softball, ping pong, and billiards. At a young age, Gio, as he is called, started playing baseball when he was barely four years old. Gio has also been part of the Little League squad, playing against countries such as Curacao, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic.

Gio played softball on the Energizer team. In 2019, he became champion of the ‘Harma Bini Aden’ tournament with Energizer. When he was 14, Gio started playing ping pong at Jong Bonaire. His successes in this sport include being Champion Ranking U-15 and second place in Doubles, together with Leogino Melaan in the U-15 and U-18 classes.

When Gio was eight years old, he started playing billiards. Some of the people who helped Gio in this sport are Jimmy and Gregory Frans and also Randolf Cicilia. His father, Aaron Martis, who saw Gio’s interest in billiards, bought a professional billiard table and installed it at home so that Gio could practice. With billiards, Gio has become an international athlete, having participated in several Pan-American 9-ball championships and in pool billiards championships 8, 9, and 10 balls in various countries such as Colombia, Shanghai – China, and Russia.

In 2018, Gio traveled to the Netherlands for his further studies, which he successfully completed. In November 2022, Gio started dedicating himself again to his beloved sport of billiards. Then the moment came that the owner of the team, The Hague 51, Staaf Verharen, had his eye on Gio because of his talent and passion seen on the billiard table. With his team, The Hague 51, Gio has debuted in the Dutch Eredivisie billiards. This team is known for several famous billiards players in the Netherlands and worldwide. Gio has also excelled in the Eredivisie and won his first two matches.

TCB, the Bonairean island government, and Indebon thank Gyairon for his valuable contribution to upholding the name of Bonaire at an international level and recognizing Gyairon as Bonaire Ambassador.