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TCB launches its 2023 Room Inventory Study in line with the Tourism Recovery Plan

March 10, 2023

Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) has announced the launch of its bi-yearly room inventory study to provideInformation sheet valuable insights into the tourism industry’s growth and development on the island. The study aims to support the industry’s tourism goals while providing valuable input that is of benefit to all stakeholders.

As part of the study, TCB is inviting all hotel operators/owners/managers and other accommodation stakeholders to participate in the Room inventory study to provide confidential information on the number of rooms, growth and changes on the island including historic performance.

This information will be used to determine the current state of the industry.

“The room inventory study is an essential tool for understanding the current state of Bonaire’s tourism industry,” said CEO TCB, Miles Mercera. “By conducting this study, we can gain valuable insights into the industry’s growth potential and identify areas where improvements may be necessary. We encourage all stakeholders to participate in the study to support the sustainable growth of the tourism industry on the island.”

The findings will also support the industry’s marketing strategies and the provision of quality services to visitors.

TCB conducted the last inventory study in 2021 and is eager to obtain the latest information to help make informed decisions.

For more information about the room inventory study or to participate in the survey, please contact TCB at