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TCB in collaboration with Scholengemeenschap Bonaire (SGB) and local Artist Norwin (Nochi) Coffie Inspires Bonaire’s Youth

January 25, 2024

Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) took an active part in a special activity day organized by Scholengemeenschap Bonaire (SGB), collaborating to engage with local youth in an inspiring and creative workshop centered around sustainability.

The activity day at Parke Tului, aimed to provide students with a unique opportunity to express themselves through art. Cristely Cranston, Branding and Content Marketing Coordinator at TCB, initiated the workshop, highlighting the importance of relaxing, reflecting, and reconnecting with nature. Her enthusiasm for creativity led to the idea of using painting as a medium for self-expression and environmental awareness.

During the presentation, the students were reminded of Bonaire’s tagline, “It’s in Our Nature”, which carries a dual meaning. It symbolizes the inherent beauty of Bonaire and reflects the islanders’ way of life, pointing out that just as Bonaireans naturally greet each other, living sustainably is ingrained in their identity too.

The workshop incorporated the theme of sustainability by focusing on driftwood, a natural resource abundant on the island’s shores. The students were educated on the principles of Blue Destination – the concept of utilizing natural resources for growth, well-being, and economic development. They were made aware that natural resources can be used to contribute to the island’s collective economic growth and development.

The event featured artist Norwin (Nochi) Coffie, who guided participants through some creative methods, enabling them to translate their vision onto the driftwood.

TCB’s participation in the sustainable art workshop exemplifies its commitment to fostering creativity, environmental consciousness, and community engagement among Bonaire’s youth.