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TCB & Friends presents their simadan costume for the parade in Rincon and Playa

April 17, 2023

Last Saturday, the TCB & Friends Culture Group Bonaire presented its costume, with which they will participate in the simadan parade in the streets of Rincon on April 30th, 2023 and also in the simadan parade in Playa on May 1st, 2023 which is dedicated to Chana and Doei.

It was an evening full of joy and happiness for the members who attended in a fantastically cozy atmosphere with JC & Friends, the official music group of TCB & Friends. The event took place at the parking lot of Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB).

There was a great folkloric dance show, where the dance group Bonaire Folkloric Dancers presented the costume to the members present.

The TCB & Friends group is a project of the TCB led by Angelo Domacasse and consists of a total of 180 members.

The theme of the costume this year is ‘It’s in our nature’. The costume represents the Bonairean flamingo that we also see in the branding of the TCB, the main sponsor of the group.

The costume illustrates our way of thinking and talking, our behavior, the way we express ourselves, it inspires us to love our culture and show solidarity with each other, so that we can share our values, norms ​​and customs.

The headscarf represents all the positive effects that surround our island of Bonaire and our culture.

The color white: peace and freedom. The color yellow: the sun and the Kibrahacha flower that only blooms once a year. The color pink represents the flamingo that also appears on the costume. The flamingo is the exclusive diva, elegant as only she can be and that is in our nature. The costume was designed by Monique Winklaar.