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Seven people were recognized as Bonaire Ambassadors and a couple was honored as Honorary Ambassadors

November 30, 2023

Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) has recognized nine visitors as Bonaire Ambassadors. Seven of these visitors received this honor in the bronze, gold, and platinum categories, while a couple was honored as an Honorary Ambassador.

Jan Claus and Agnieszka Pacholska from Belgium have been visiting Bonaire for 10 consecutive years. They are super enthusiastic about the atmosphere and the friendly people of Bonaire and they were honored with a bronze pin.

In the gold category, recognition was given to Joël Arrigio from Switzerland as well as Roger and Joan Luksik and Dave Kanarish from the United States. These four visitors have been coming to Bonaire for 20 consecutive years.

From the United States, Keith Dalton was honored for his 34 years of visiting Bonaire and was recognized with a platinum plaque.

Bud Uren and Heather Sellick have already been honored as ‘platinum ambassadors’ in the past. In 2014, they celebrated their 31 years of visiting Bonaire. On November 10th, TCB provided a surprise in connection with the 40 years they have been visiting Bonaire and they were appointed Honorary Ambassador of Bonaire. The couple travels to Bonaire twice a year, bringing a group of divers with them, including two group members who have also received recognition, namely Roger and Joan Luksik.

TCB congratulated all these visitors on their recognition and Helen Mercera thanked them for choosing to come to Bonaire annually.