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Ruby Pouchet Crowned Miss Universe Bonaire 2024, Set to Compete in Mexico This November

May 17, 2024

Ruby Pouchet was officially crowned Miss Universe Bonaire 2024 today at a grand coronation ceremony held as part of the Miss Universe Bonaire Press Conference. The event attracted attention from both local and international media.

The ceremony commenced with opening presentations by Miles Mercera, CEO of the Tourism Corporation Bonaire. Mercera emphasized the pageant’s role in empowerment, fostering confident leaders, and promoting personal and professional growth. He highlighted the importance of raising awareness and appreciation for Bonaire’s rich cultural heritage and fostering community unity and engagement. Additionally, Mercera pointed out the economic and social opportunities the pageant provides, including career and networking opportunities in art, fashion, and more.

Roderick Beaumont, President of the Miss Bonaire Organization, echoed these sentiments. He expressed pride in the organization’s role in Ruby’s preparation, highlighting the collaborative efforts and dedication to her preparation for the upcoming competition. Beaumont emphasized the organization’s commitment to developing young Bonairian women and making a positive impact on their lives, aiming to create empowered women for the future.

Ruby Pouchet was crowned by Commissioner Anjelica Cicilia, with Julina Felida, Miss Universe Bonaire 1999, presenting her with the official sash. This marked Bonaire’s return to the Miss Universe stage after 25 years since Felida’s participation in 1999.

In her first speech as Miss Universe Bonaire 2024, Ruby expressed her gratitude and excitement for the journey ahead, announcing her participation in the Miss Universe competition in Mexico in November 2024. “I am honored to represent Bonaire on the international stage and count on my island’s support,” Ruby stated passionately.

The ceremony concluded with closing remarks by Miles Mercera, followed by a Q&A session and individual interviews, allowing attendees to engage further with Bonaire’s representative.

Follow Ruby Pouchet’s journey and show your support on the official Instagram and Facebook pages @missuniversebonaire. Together, let’s cheer for Ruby as she shines the spotlight on Bonaire.