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Rediscover Bonaire: The Last Minute Escape Campaign Invites Travelers back to Bonaire

July 24, 2023

Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) is thrilled to announce its latest campaign, “Rediscover Bonaire: The LastMinute Escape,” aimed at stimulating the low season and encouraging previous visitors to return to the island. From July 2023 until the end of October 2023, travelers can embrace the tranquility of an island untouched by crowds and awaken their sense of adventure as they explore the hidden wonders of Bonaire.

Targeting the European, North American, and local markets, the campaign seeks to entice travelers who have previously visited Bonaire and have expressed interest in returning. By collaborating with valued partners, Bonaire will offer exclusive discounts, promotions, and unique experiences, making the Last Minute Escape the ultimate gateway to rediscover Bonaire.

The dedicated landing page on the Bonaire Island website will showcase participating partners, their offerings, and all necessary information for travelers to book their vacations. This user-friendly page will maximize exposure for partners and facilitate easy booking for visitors.

Interested partners are invited to sign up for the campaign by completing the form provided on the following link: By signing up, partners will gain access to a targeted audience of previous Bonaire visitors and have the opportunity to showcase their properties and services to attract potential customers.