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Recognition for seven visitors as Bonaire Ambassadors in December 2023

January 5, 2024

Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) has recognized seven visitors as Bonaire Ambassadors in December 2023.

These visitors were honored in the silver, gold, and platinum categories. Rick Kramer, from the Netherlands, received recognition for the 18 years he has been visiting Bonaire. On this occasion, he was presented with a silver pin.

A gold pin was awarded to Lydia and Adam Pearce for 20 years of visiting our island and to Samuel Holcman, who has been visiting Bonaire for 22 years. All three are from the United States. Cees Kramer also received a gold pin for the 25 years he has been visiting Bonaire.

For Jay and Patricia Pearce, the parents of Adam and Lydia, December 4 became an unforgettable day because they were not only honored for their 30 years of visiting Bonaire, for which they received a platinum plaque but also because that day was the birth date of Patricia. It was a real surprise when they received their recognition, and everyone sang Happy Birthday at the top of their lungs to Patricia, who received a bouquet of flowers for her birthday.

Helen Mercera was in charge of the various ceremonies. She thanked all ambassadors for choosing Bonaire for years. Helen Mercera also expressed the hope that these visitors will continue to promote Bonaire abroad.