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Preliminary Results of March 2023 Tourism in Bonaire: 16,367 Stayover visitors

April 5, 2023

Bonaire Monthly Tourism Performance

Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) reports that Bonaire welcomed a total of 16,367 stayover visitors in March 2023.Overview In March 2019, 16,000 stayover visitors were recorded.  2.3% more stayover visitors have been recorded compared to March 2019. The island’s two largest source markets have shown signs of growth. There was a total of 7,520 Dutch visitors (46%) and 3,832 American stayover visitors (23%). Our Dutch stayover visitors primarily traveled from the southern and northern regions of their home country. Whereas, most of our American stayover visitors visited from the following six states: Florida, California, New York, Pennsylvania, Colorado and Texas. Furthermore, 2,045 (12.5%) of all visitors to Bonaire came from neighboring island Curaçao.

Bonaire saw 532 German stayover visitors in March, making Germany the island’s fourth best-performing market last month.

Multiple secondary markets, including Canada, Aruba, Belgium, United Kingdom and Switzerland, have kept the same market share in March 2023 as they did in February 2023.

TCB constantly evaluates the state of the tourism industry by tracking key performance indicators and comparing them to the situation before the pandemic. As one of Bonaire’s most successful years ever, 2019 is now serving as the barometer by which the island’s tourism is being measured.

Visitors from the United States stayed an average of seven nights while those from the Netherlands stayed an average of 14 nights. Furthermore, most Americans are middle-aged (55+), while most Dutch are 45+.

There were 29 cruise ships that visited Bonaire in February 2023, with a total of 74,863 passengers.

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