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TCB Releases November 2023 Preliminary Visitors Results and Accommodation Insights

December 7, 2023

Bonaire Monthly Tourism Performance – Preliminary results

Preliminary results indicate that Bonaire welcomed 13,910 stayover visitors during the month of November 2023. Year-to-date (Jan-Nov), Bonaire welcomed a total of 153,501 stayover visitors in 2023, outpacing the figures for the same period in 2019 (142,900) and 2022 (152,100).

When comparing November 2023 to November 2019, which had 13,400 visitors, there was a slight increase in the number of visitors, reflecting a growth of approximately 3.78% over the four-year period. Compared to November 2022, which had 14,706 visitors, this represents a decrease of roughly 5.41% in the number of visitors. However, November 2023 witnessed a significant increase in the number of nights spent by visitors, totaling 134,430 nights, compared to November 2022, which recorded 117,287 nights. This indicates that, on average, visitors stayed longer in November 2023, representing an increase of approximately 14.62% in the number of nights.

The Netherlands and the United States are Bonaire’s top two source markets for visitors, both stable. In November 2023, 2,726 visitors from the United States comprised 19.6% of the total stayover visitors, with 7,062 visitors from the Netherlands making up 50.8%.

Notably, visitors from Curaçao played a pivotal role in Bonaire’s tourism, contributing 1,752 visitors, or 12.6%, while Aruba added 374 visitors, comprising 2.7% of the total.

In addition to our primary source markets, Bonaire’s tourism performance is further bolstered by visitors from Germany, Canada, Belgium, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Colombia, and Switzerland. Germany emerged as a strong market in November 2023, with 374 stayover visitors, securing a place on the list of top-performing markets for the month of November.  Regarding visitor demographics, the most common age group is 45 to 54.

A closer look at the US market shows that the states of Florida, California, Texas, New York, Colorado, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, and New Jersey were the main sources of visitors. The main regions of origin for Dutch visitors included the South Netherlands, North Netherlands, and North Brabant. Furthermore, Bonaire’s welcomed 13,062 cruise visitors in October of 2023.

In 2023, American visitors had a range of accommodation preferences. Nearly half of them, 49%, opted for hotels, valuing their convenience and amenities. A smaller group, 7%, chose the coziness of apartments, while 13% indulged in the luxury and privacy of villas. Some, about 4%, decided to stay with relatives and friends, and 6% preferred the familiarity of their own properties on the island. However, 20% of U.S. visitors embraced adventure by exploring various alternative lodging options during their stay.

Dutch visitors visiting in 2023 had their distinct accommodation choices. For 42% of them, hotels were the preferred option, offering comfort and convenience. Meanwhile, 16% enjoyed the flexibility and charm of apartments, and 6.5% enjoyed the villa experience. Dutch visitors also valued their connections, with 9.4% staying with relatives and friends on the island. A smaller 5% group opted for the comfort of their own properties, while a slightly larger 20.5% sought alternative accommodations.

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