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Nine visitors receive the award as Bonaire Ambassador

October 4, 2022

In the month of September, Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) recognized nine visitors as Bonaire Ambassadors in the bronze, silver and platinum categories.

In the bronze category, Sabrina and Wendy Ijsenbout from the Netherlands received an award for 10 and 12 years of visit to Bonaire respectively, while Glen Medina from the United States received this recognition for the 11 years he has been visiting our island.

In the silver category, Joop de Neef and Jos Verburgt received an award for 16 and 17 years of visit to our island and Harst and Bram Ijsenbout for the 18 years that both of them come to Bonaire. All four are from the Netherlands. Couple Johnny and Susan Larsen from the United States received a higher award in the platinum category for their 32-year visit to Bonaire.

Helen Mercera from TCB was in charge of the recognition ceremony and she was also the one who awarded the corresponding pins in the different categories.

The photo combination shows all visitors who have received an award.