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In the month of October, Tourism Corporation Bonaire recognized 6 visitors as Bonaire Ambassadors

November 3, 2022

In October, Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) presented 6 visitors with an award as Bonaire Ambassadors.

The recognition was given to Bas Salzmann and Linda Cornelissen from the Netherlands who were honored with a silver pin in connection with the 15 years they have visited Bonaire. Robert Casagrand from the United States received his award, a gold pin, for 20 years of visit to our island. Giovanni Carletti from Switzerland was also recognized along with Gabriel and Brigitte Guy from France for the 22 years they have been visiting Bonaire.

The official ceremony was done by Helen Mercera, Virgy Balentin and Annette Emerenciana who presented the accompanying certificates and pins. The photo combination shows the ambassadors in the company of TCB employees.