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Gastronomic enjoyment during the Partner and Media event of Tourism Corporation Bonaire in Bloemendaal, with Bonairean chef Giovannie Veld

June 1, 2023

On May 16, Marjolein Oleana and Annette Emerenciana from Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) organized a Partner and Media Event in Bloemendaal, Holland in collaboration with Karin Swiers from Diamond PR. Both events brought together media and travel partners for an unforgettable day full of authentic culinary experiences and networking opportunities. Bonairean Chef Giovannie Veld managed to surprise the guests with delicious local dishes and a cooking lesson that they will not soon forget.

TCB and Diamond PR’s Partner and Media Event aimed to increase awareness of Bonaire and to arouse interest among media and travel partners. During the day, the media had the opportunity to prepare their own ‘bolo di pampuna’ through a cooking class. Afterwards, the press was treated to an authentic lunch, prepared by the talented Bonairean chef Giovannie Veld. With his masterly ‘piská ku tutu’, a traditional dish of the island, he managed to enchant the taste buds of those present. In addition, partners could also taste the Rom Rincon from The Cadushy Distillery, to which everyone responded very enthusiastically.

The Partner and Media event turned out to be a great success, with positive reactions from the media and travel partners. Those present were enthusiastic about the delicious dishes of chef Giovannie Veld and showed great interest in Bonaire as a destination. The event served as an effective way to put the island in the spotlight and make important connections in the travel world.

To conclude a successful day, the direct partners from the travel world were invited for a Bonaire Drink @ Sea at Beach Club Bloomingdale. During this informal gathering, those present were able to network and were once again treated to delicious Bonairean snacks, prepared by chef Giovannie Veld.

TCB would also like to thank Sabine Schleper and Jaedan Crestian for their presence during the event. The two Bonairean students welcomed the guests in traditional costume. TCB values the involvement of Bonairean students in the Netherlands in these events. This provbides a great opportunity for students to show their committment and speak proudly about their beloved island, Bonaire.

TCB looks back with pride and satisfaction on the successful Partner and Media Event. The event not only generated extra attention for Bonaire, but also aroused the interest of important media and travel partners. TCB will continue to strive to promote the beautiful island of Bonaire as a unique and unforgettable destination.