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Eleven guests recognized as Bonaire ambassadors in May 2023

June 1, 2023

In the month of May, Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) recognized eleven visitors as Bonaire ambassadors in the bronze, silver and gold categories.

In the bronze category, Lee Steichen and Robyn Schateren were recognized who have been visiting Bonaire for 12 years and also Timothy and Regina Manville for the 10 years they have been visiting Bonaire. During their interview they said that they are very pleased with the underwater world of Bonaire and the weather conditions, but especially with the friendly people of Bonaire.

The other visitors who received recognition are Alejandra Rosa and Javier Setau from Argentina and married couples Robert and Monica Gabbard and Jeannie and Robert Arnold from the United States. They have all been visiting Bonaire for 15 years and were honored with a silver pin.

A gold pin was awarded to Tim Schaeffer from the United States who has been visiting Bonaire for 20 years.

For the TCB, Virgy Balentin, Rishuena Sint Jago and Helen Mercera presented the certificates and accompanying pins to our new ambassadors.