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Celebrating Tourism Month on Bonaire

September 15, 2023

Bonaire, the Caribbean gem, is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty, stunning coral reefs, rich culture, and warm hospitality. This year, we proudly celebrate Tourism Day to honor our thriving tourism sector, emphasize its added economic value to the community, and showcase our commitment to sustainable tourism and the preservation of our precious natural resources.

The Purpose of World Tourism Day

The goal of World Tourism Day is to raise awareness about the importance of tourism within national and international communities. Tourism has always played a vital role in Bonaire’s economy. With our pearl-white beaches, turquoise waters, and a wealth of marine biodiversity, we attract hundreds of thousands of visitors from around the world each year. These tourists not only bring economic prosperity but also contribute to the dissemination of our unique island culture and the protection and admiration of our beautiful nature.  Our commitment to sustainable tourism aligns with this year’s theme of “Tourism and Green Investments”. On-island we are focusing on Preserving our hidden gem and aim to highlight the significance of responsible and sustainable tourism both on Bonaire and globally. We understand that responsible tourism practices are essential to protect and conserve our environment while ensuring the well-being of our local communities. By investing in green initiatives, we are dedicated to preserving the beauty that makes Bonaire a sought-after destination for travelers seeking both adventure and harmony with nature.


Our Tourism Initiatives

To promote tourism on Bonaire, we have launched a series of initiatives to enhance the visitor experience while safeguarding Bonaire’s environment. Notable among these initiatives is the ‘The Bonaire Bond’, a thoughtfully designed destination pledge inviting visitors to sign a promise to travel responsibly and respect the island with a goal to sustain Bonaire’s natural appeal for years to come. The Bond is designed to serve as a reminder of how critical sustainable tourism is to the livelihood of its local community and to take it a step further, the island will reinvest in its conservation efforts by adopting a coral tree through the Reef Renewal Bonaire foundation on behalf of visitors that commit to this cause with their signature.

The Coral Restoration Program and Eco-Tourism

Bonaire also implemented coral restoration programs, and measures to protect our national parks. The Coral Restoration Program illustrates the island’s strong commitment to protect and preserve its vulnerable coral reefs. Through scientific research and community involvement, mature coral fragments are reintroduced to the reefs, actively engaging tourists in reef recovery efforts. Bonaire has an extensive system of national parks and protected areas that conserve the island’s diverse ecosystems. Management strategies emphasize habitat preservation, wildlife protection, and responsible visitor engagement. Travelers are encouraged to explore these pristine places while minimizing their environmental impact. This combination of nature conservation and ecotourism aligns with Bonaire’s commitment to responsible travel. Visitors can actively participate in the island’s conservation efforts, gaining a deeper appreciation for its natural beauty.

Bonaire boasts some of the world’s best diving and snorkeling sites, and we treasure our underwater world. We have strict rules for the preservation of coral reefs and the respect for underwater flora and fauna. With our protected natural areas, such as Washington Slagbaai National Park and the marine park as a whole, we invite tourists to explore the unique ecosystems under the guidance of experienced guides.



In addition to our natural treasures, we organize various events during Tourism Month. Through these events, we aim to share our rich culture with tourists. From traditional dances to local cuisine, there is always something exciting to experience and discover. Activities such as the “Tourism Scavenger Hunt” for children are part of our efforts to create awareness about developments happening on the island within the tourism industry. In the first week of Tourism Month we celebrate “Bonaire Flag Day”. This lively event celebrates the island’s history and culture, welcoming everyone to join in the fun and colorful celebrations with local food stands and diverse performances. Another highlight of Tourism Month is “Taste of Bonaire”. It’s like a tasty adventure where visitors can try lots of different local foods and flavors. It’s a great way to experience Bonaire’s delicious food culture. And the cultural gem “Marshe di Rincon”, a lively market in the beautiful town Rincon. Here, visitors can walk around and see lots of handmade crafts, traditional things, and meet friendly local sellers.

Preserving Bonaire's Beauty

Tourism is a way to share Bonaire’s natural and cultural treasures with the world. During Tourism Day, we not only celebrate our successes but also remind ourselves of the path we have taken to reach where we are today. It is crucial to remember our responsibility to conserve the island’s natural resources and beauty for future generations. Bonaire will always be a welcoming home for anyone seeking a piece of paradise on earth.

On Tourism Day, we express our appreciation to all tourists who visit this beautiful island. They are part of our Bonaire family, and we expect them to continue enjoying the hospitality and stunning surroundings that Bonaire has to offer.