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Bonaire’s Youth got the chance to be inspired and learn more about the cruise industry in partnership with Carnival

August 17, 2023

The recent Carnival Celebration Cruise Ship visit, presented jointly by Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB), Buki di Pret, Akseso, and Jeugdzorgd has ignited a spark of excitement among Bonaire’s young residents. On August 16th, almost 80 children between the ages of 7 and 13 were given a special opportunity to explore a real cruise ship and experience the vibrant Carnival Celebration up close.

The event was a unique blend of fun and learning. Kids stepped onto an actual cruise ship, discovering its different sections and gaining insights into how ships operate and the world of hospitality.

Moreover, the participants got an exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse into the preparations for the island’s eagerly anticipated Carnival Celebration. This backstage peek unveiled the dedication and hard work that come together to create the magic of the Carnival.

Miles Mercera, CEO of TCB, expressed, “Collaborating with Buki di Pret for this event was a wonderful experience. Witnessing the kids’ curiosity and enthusiasm reinforces the importance of creating such experiences. These events have a lasting impact on our young community, inspiring them to explore and dream big.”

Safety was paramount throughout the day, with expert professionals ensuring the well-being of each child.

Tourism Corporation Bonaire is actively planning an exciting event tailored for kids in September and will be sharing details about this event in the coming weeks on our social media channels.

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