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Bonaire’s government & Tourism Corporation Bonaire in collaboration with Ir Sais Welcomed international artists Konshens, Farina Pao, Mike Bahia to Bonaire

February 18, 2022

Headshots of international artistsOn invitation of Ir Sais in partnership with the Government of Bonaire and Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) as part of the recently signed collaboration agreement, Bonaire welcomed Mike Bahia, Konshens and Farina Pao, with their management team for an important upcoming project.

Ir Sais was born and raised on the island in the Bario of Tera Kora. He has a global viral hit named ‘Dream Girl remix’, with over 284 million views on YouTube. In light of the recently announced partnership agreement with Ir Sais, TCB welcomed international artist Konshens who is a Jamaican dancehall recording artist and appeared on dozens of popular dancehall songs throughout the 2010s and Farina Pao who is a Colombian rapper to work on an upcoming project. Michael Egred Mejía artistically known as Mike Bahía, is a Colombian singer and enterprise administrator. He is best known for his songs “Estar Contigo”, “Buscándote”, “La Muñeca”, and his most recent collaboration “Amantes”, with Greeicy Rendón.

On behalf of Bonaire’s government, Commissioner Hennyson Thielman mentioned: “We are extremely proud of Ir Sais, a local artist who is globally recognized and promotes Bonaire all over the world with his music. Our Tourism vision is to promote the authenticity of Bonaire with participation of our people in tourism, and Ir Sais is the ideal ambassador for this concept. By inviting these artists to work with him on Bonaire, he showcases the versatility and diversity of our island, and we thank Ir Sais for this important initiative.”

TCB and the Government of Bonaire are excited for this new chapter of collaboration to position Bonaire in the world. The new yet to be revealed project will provide Bonaire with the necessary international exposure and share the Bonaire experience through music, local cuisine and our people.

Together with the government and people of Bonaire, TCB wishes the entire cast and crew including the production team all the best in the next few days.

A special note of thanks to our tourism partners who hosted the artists.