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Bonaire welcomed 14,097 stayover visitors in July 2023

August 7, 2023

Tourism Corporation Bonaire Informs

Bonaire recorded a total of 14,097 stayover visitors during this month, showcasing the resilience and growing popularity of the island’s tourism sector.

Bonaire welcomed 14,133 stayover visitors in 2022 and when comparing to the pre-pandemic levels, Bonaire welcomed 13,000 visitors in July 2019. The current figures indicate a remarkable 8% increase in visitor arrivals, reflecting the continuous balanced growth and attractiveness of Bonaire as a prime travel destination.

The two primary source markets for Bonaire’s tourism continue to be the Netherlands and the United States. Dutch visitors accounted for 6,771 (48%) of the total visitors, while the United States contributed 3,488 (25%) stayover visitors in July 2023. Additionally, there was a notable increase in first-time visitors, making up 43% of the total arrivals for the month.

Curaçao remains an essential contributor to Bonaire’s tourism, with 2,127 (15.1%) visitors arriving from the neighboring island. Other significant markets include Belgium, Aruba, Germany, Canada, Switzerland, Brazil, and Colombia. Germany emerged as a strong market in July 2023, with 238 stayover visitors recorded. As a result, Germany secured the fourth position among the best-performing markets last month.

In terms of visitor demographics, the majority of the visitors fall within the age range of 45 to 54, indicating the island’s appeal to mature travelers seeking diverse experiences.

Looking at the US market, the top states from which visitors originated include Texas, California, Florida, Colorado, Pennsylvania, New York, Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina, and New Jersey.

For Dutch visitors, the main regions of origin were the South Netherlands, North Netherlands, and North Brabant.

16,442 cruise visitors arrived in June 2023, served by four cruise lines.

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