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Bonaire was present at the Travel Counsellors conference in Eindhoven

May 17, 2023

Bonaire showcased itself with its own booth, where Travel Counsellors agents could obtain valuable information concerning Bonaire. Marjolein Oleana and Annette Emerenciana from Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) were proud to represent Bonaire at this important conference.

One of the highlights of the Bonaire booth was the unique painting specially created for the conference by local artist Nochi Coffie. TCB approached Nochi to create a beautiful artwork, intentionally leaving some elements unfinished so that the Travel Counsellors agents had the opportunity to complete them. Those who participated in this creative activity had a chance to win the painting, resulting in an exciting interaction between the visitors and the island of Bonaire.

In addition to the artistic aspect, the Bonaire booth also offered a flavorful experience. Visitors had the opportunity to enjoy Rom Rincon. TCB thanks The Cadushy Distillery for sponsoring the Rom Rincon.

TCB looks back on a successful event and is excited about the opportunity to network with the Travel Counsellors agents and share more about the beautiful island of Bonaire. The conversations between TCB and the agents was focused on sharing the unique features, natural beauty, and warm hospitality of the island. Through these personal interactions, the agents could develop a deeper understanding of the diverse possibilities that Bonaire has to offer.