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Bonaire to Adopt Coral on behalf of Eco-Conscious Visitors that Sign Destination Pledge

April 3, 2022

a print screen of the bondThe Bonaire Bond’, launching on Earth Day, encourages awareness of the island’s sustainability initiatives, supported by a yearlong reef renewal campaign

Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) announces the launch of ‘’The Bonaire Bond”, a thoughtfully designed destination pledge inviting visitors to sign a promise to travel responsibly and respect the island with a goal to sustain Bonaire’s natural appeal for years to come. The Bond is designed to serve as a reminder of how critical sustainable tourism is to the livelihood of its local community and to take it a step further, the island will reinvest in its conservation efforts by adopting a coral tree through the Reef Renewal Bonaire foundation on behalf of visitors that commit to this cause with their signature for the next year beginning on Earth Day, April 22, 2022. These coral trees nurture over 100 pieces of coral each, so the donation goes directly back into restoring Bonaire’s reefs – beloved by the exquisite marine life the island is known for, as well as visitors and locals alike.

In the pledge, visitors are asked to commit to respecting the environment, to be mindful of the wildlife, and to be aware of how inherently bonded the community is and long has been to the stewardship of its surroundings. It also serves as an educational tool on how to behave sustainably while on the island. Visitors are encouraged to not only digitally sign the pledge, but also live it, at

A lesser-known Dutch Caribbean island by design, Bonaire is not only the world’s first Blue Destination but also a certified Green Destination and the recipient of a Quality Coast award, both recognized by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council. Bonaire continues to evolve in harmony with its natural surroundings while also maintaining its cultural authenticity and raw beauty. “Our island has been focused on sustainability long before it was a trend,” said Miles B M Mercera, Tourism Corporation Bonaire’s CEO. “It’s always been in our DNA. Bonaire was the first Caribbean island to designate 100% of its surrounding water as a protected marine park in 1979, while 20% of our land, home to local wildlife, cacti and beaches, has been preserved inside the boundaries of Washington Slagbaai, the oldest national park in the former Netherlands Antilles, since 1969.”

Over 50 years later, more outdoor, ocean, and nature enthusiasts than ever are discovering this little island nation of only 21,000 people and no traffic lights. As Bonaire grows in popularity, it is committed to doing so consciously and attracting equally conscious global travelers seeking an unspoiled experience.

The TCB will use multiple channels to educate and encourage visitors to commit to The Bonaire Bond and will actively reach out to local businesses and residents to join the movement and set an example, while in turn giving back to preserving Bonaire’s beautiful and fragile ocean reefs.