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TCB Launches the Bonaire Signage Project “What’s in Our Nature” to Enhance the Local and Visitors’ Experience around the Island of Bonaire

November 13, 2023

Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) is thrilled to announce the official launch of the Bonaire Signage Project, a groundbreaking initiative in partnership with Fundashon Históriko Kultural Boneriano (FuHiKuBo) and Openbare Lichaam Bonaire (OLB). This collaboration marks a significant step towards enriching the experience of locals and visitors by providing valuable insights into its history and cultural heritage.

The primary objective of the Bonaire Signage Project is to expand the benefits of tourism development by educating the community and providing visitors with accurate information about Bonaire’s tangible and intangible heritage and history through a comprehensive signage program.

The sign’s title, “What’s in Our Nature” has a unique meaning, capturing the island’s authentic charm and core attributes. It’s an invitation to explore the island’s natural treasures, immerse oneself in its lively cultural legacy, and experience the genuine hospitality that characterizes Bonaire as a one-of-a-kind and attractive destination. It encourages visitors to discover not just the island’s physical beauty but also the deeply rooted values and traditions that make Bonaire unique.

FuHiKuBo plays a pivotal role in this ambitious partnership by contributing invaluable material from their extensive collections and archives. With their expertise, FuHiKuBo assisted in selecting the locations, the valuable stories of these locations, and old images of these sights. In the project’s first phase, 26 signs have been placed around the island, shedding light on various historical sites, popular tourist attractions, and cultural highlights around the island.

“As we embark on this exciting journey with the Bonaire Signage Program, we are reminded that our island’s true beauty lies not only in its natural wonders but in the rich tapestry of our culture and history. ‘What’s in Our Nature’ is not just a sign but an open invitation to explore the heart and soul of Bonaire. We believe that by sharing our stories, we create connections that endure. Together, let us celebrate the essence of Bonaire and the warmth of its people,” said Miles Mercera, CEO of TCB.

TCB is committed to enhancing the overall quality of the island’s tourism offerings. The Bonaire Signage Project is a remarkable addition to the island’s tourism landscape. It provides a deeper understanding of its heritage and history while warmly welcoming all who visit this beautiful destination.