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Bonaire Sends 120 Flamingos on International Tour to Give Away Three Free Trips

September 7, 2023

Tourism Corporation of Bonaire is touring a 120-bird flamboyance of yard flamingos to host pop-up events in NYC, Toronto and Miami. Attendees from each city may enter to win a free trip for two.

The Tourism Corporation of Bonaire is sending a 120-member flamboyance of yard flamingos on an international adventure as part of its In Our Nature tourism campaign. The flamboyance begins its tour in New York City on September 7, 2023, before making its way to Toronto on September 16, 2023, and ending in Miami at the end of the month.

People in these three cities can find the flamboyance by visiting Each pop-up event will offer photo opportunities, free prizes, information about the island destination, and the chance to win a free trip for two to Bonaire. One trip will be awarded for each of the three cities. Only those who find the flamboyance and attend in person will be eligible to enter to win a free trip to Bonaire.

“We hope that attendees of our flash flamingo flamboyance enjoy a small taste of our island paradise and are inspired to see our magnificent flamingos in their natural habitat,” said CEO of Bonaire’s Tourism Corporation Miles Mercera. “We look forward to warmly saying ‘Bon Bini!’ to the three lucky winners who will win a free trip and discover all that Bonaire has to offer.”